Art & Culture

In line with the Company’s mission statement, Iris Ceramica Group Foundation organizes cultural events and initiatives such as meetings and conferences, and actively produces and promotes artistic events aimed at raising awareness in the community.


Ceramic artistry, with its immeasurable connections to the world of architecture and design, is Iris Ceramica Group’s intrinsic heritage.
Having accomplished the task of promoting and distributing its superb products throughout the world, the Group, via the Foundation, aims to add a theoretical and intellectual dimension to this legacy of technical and operational expertise. This objective will be achieved by promoting events and cultural initiatives in line with its mission, with particular emphasis on innovative processes and technology.


All Good Vibes - connecting new architectural horizons

ALL GOOD VIBES - connecting new architectural horizons: A new podcast that redefines sustainable architecture, projects and space according to an augmented concept of beauty.

Pollution - RefleAction 2018

Pollution 2018 - RefleAction is the most recent event in a company philosophy aimed at environmental sustainability that began fifty years ago, the demonstration of the Group’s constant commitment to research, new technology and social responsibility.