The Foundation

Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group the privately-owned, non-profit organization founded in September 2019, stems from this major industrial group’s commitment towards the region’s environment and community.

About Foundation


"Culture is humanity’s only asset that, when shared among us all, becomes greater rather than smaller."

This quotation by the German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer summarizes in a few words the objectives that must be achieved by all companies which want to make a significant contribution to advancing the cultural debate.

Inspired by this noble aspiration, the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation was established by Romano and Federica Minozzi, the distinguished sponsors promoting initiatives in line with cultural, humanistic, academic and wider solidarity, to actively advance civic and social awareness in the community.
To achieve this ambitious goal, Iris Ceramica Group Foundation promotes activities which encourage cultural exchange and growth, such as organizing scientific-themed events and creating innovative training courses. In this way, the best ideas can be shared and passed down the generations to become an asset for the entire community.

A formidable task, but one which this leading industrial Group considers almost an obligation, due to its unfailing commitment to improvement, research into new production methods, due diligence in respect of environmental issues, and a comprehensive approach to a new concept of integrated ecology. Not in the all too often superficial sense, mere “greenwash”, but one which involves a comprehensive vision in respect of environmental issues and phenomena (global warming, pollution, depletion of resources, deforestation, etc.) alongside topics such as living conditions, aesthetic beauty in urban spaces and sustainable architecture and design.
In accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter, the Foundation promotes architecture and design, disciplines intrinsic to the history of Iris Ceramica Group, in order to deliver interdisciplinary partnerships, which foster the dissemination of expertise in the ceramics industry and informed awareness of the inestimable value of Italian manufacturing.


Registered in the register of legal entities on 16th September 2019