Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group with ModenAmoreMio to promote the exhibition celebrating fashion, motors and design.


Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group supports the association ModenAmoreMio which, with the patronage of the Municipality of Modena, promotes the exhibition “Punti Incrociati: moda, motori e design”. The exhibition opens on 26 May, for the Motor Valley Fest, and continues until 10 July, in the historical and evocative setting of the San Carlo Church.

The exhibition celebrates fashion, motors and design through an original and creative narrative excursus covering five historical decades, from the ’60s until today, telling a story that celebrates our local excellences.

- Fashion is expressed through over 50 iconic looks, presented by Modateca Deanna, telling of the style of each historical period through a journey marked by the symbolic colours of each decade accompanied by original videos, veritable “pills of history”.

- Motors, one of the gems in the Italian manufacturing crown, are represented by iconic motorbikes which, for each decade, talk of the significant tradition of know-how in this sector, for which our region is internationally acknowledged.

- Design is the element that brings fashion and motors together, at the same time representing both the design phase and the aesthetic result of the design itself. This is the guiding thread of this interactive journey, linking together all the elements in the exhibition in a dialogue between the motorbikes from every era and the specifically created outfits.

Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group’s support to the initiative run by ModenAmoreMio aims to promote and enhance our local excellences and Italian manufacturing. Through this creative and original approach to the history of fashion and motors, visitors to the exhibition will take a journey through time, among memories, interesting facts and new insights.

Exhibition opening times
26 - 29 May 10:00-20:00

31 May - 10 July
Tuesday – Friday 16:00-20:00
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 13:00 | 16:00 - 20:00

San Carlo Church, via San Carlo 7, Modena