Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group promotes education, supporting the Greek and Lain competition at the L.A. Muratori-San Carlo high school in Modena.


Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group supported the initiative organized by the “L. A. Muratori-San Carlo” high school in Modena, specialised in languages and classical studies, which for academic year 2021-2022 organised the 4th national edition of Certamen Mutinense Carolinum “Francesca Meletti”, dedicated to one of the school’s students who died prematurely.

134 students from 26 schools in ten regions took part in this national project involving two tests, Latin and Greek translations with comments. The initiative, reserved for students from the last two years of classical and scientific high schools based on merit, was run online. Prizes were awarded to the first three students classified for each year. The major purposes of the project include:

- Enhancing language and classical studies, promoted as a fundamental heritage of our roots;
- Promoting opportunities for excellence among the students of schools from different regions, offering a positive challenge based on healthy competition and helping to enhance their curriculum;
- Fostering active methodologies for developing and enhancing skills, activating critical thought;
- Encouraging cooperation among schools and the local community.

Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group confirms its commitment to civic, social and charity initiatives, through its support for the last four editions of the local competition that aims to promote education and learning among young students throughout the country.