The Iris Ceramica Group Foundation supports the project “Donne e uomini di Speranza” (Women and men of Hope) of Caritas Diocesana of Modena, a solidarity network to support fragile families by listening to their needs.


There is no hope unless people work together, unless we listen to and communicate with people, offer education and help.

There is no life without hope.

In the midst of the COVID-19 emergency, Caritas Diocesana Modenese has launched the initiative “Donne e uomini di Speranza” (Women and men of Hope): a social inclusion project that offers tangible support to people and families in a difficult financial and emotional situation by listening to them and providing them with food.

At the heart of the project are the generous people who have donated their time and money to the cause. This initiative brings together the Municipal Administration of Modena, ACLI (Christian Associations of Italian Workers), the Blue Cross, local parishes, and numerous young volunteers and private contributors: together, so as not to leave anyone behind, to go beyond solidarity and build a fairer city.

It is through listening that relationships of trust are born. The volunteers who visit and spend time with the people they assist are able to establish a close bond that helps them overcome the loneliness and bewilderment that this pandemic brings with it: playtime for children, help with schoolwork, and simply having a cup of tea together. Thanks to this project, social and economic fragilities and new criticalities have been monitored in order to plan better targeted assistance programmes.

From April to November 2020, the Donne e uomini di Speranza project delivered supplies to the homes of numerous families on a weekly basis, for a total of 260 households and 950 people, half of which are minors. Groceries, face masks, personal hygiene products, infant products and household goods were delivered weekly. In addition, the materials that pupils need to continue schooling were also delivered, such as stationery and remote learning devices.

The solidarity network keeps growing. With Emilia Romagna Responsabile, a new initiative was born: the solidarity T-shirt #Sosteniamolasperanza, to help out those in need. All proceeds of the fundraising will be donated to poor and needy families with children who are cared for by the diocesan Caritas.

The fact that the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation has decided to support this important initiative aimed at fighting social exclusion and poverty demonstrates its commitment to promoting a social, charitable network based on relationships and inclusion with a view to developing a model of sustainable growth and well-being.