The Nature Conservancy

Through its American subsidiary StonePeak Ceramics, Iris Ceramica Group is supporting The Nature Conservancy. For over 60 years this non-profit organization has campaigned for global conservation of the land and water on which life on our planet depends.

The Nature Conservancy

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Iris Ceramica Group, through its American subsidiary Stonepeak Ceramics, has offered its support to The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the planet.

Protection of ecosystems, the environment and nature requires a robust, effective response, which in the case of the Foundation is reflected in their substantial contribution to organizations which are actively working in the interests of sustainability. These include The Nature Conservancy, founded in Virginia, whose primary objective since the 1950s has been to safeguard land and water, working directly with local communities and through partnerships with businesses, governments, charitable institutions and other non-profit organizations.

The main initiatives launched by The Nature Conservancy and supported by Iris Ceramica Group and Stonepeak Ceramics relate to combating climate change through the conservation of coastal wetlands, protection of at risk natural ecosystems and increasing public awareness of the importance of drastically reducing the impact of natural disasters.

Both the Company and Foundation are acutely aware of the importance of implementing adequate measures to conserve and protect a natural balance which it is our duty to leave intact for future generations.