Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group continues to support the Sea Shepherd to achieve the common goals of environmental protection and sustainable development.


Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group is once again working with Sea Shepherd to support Operation Ghostnet. The new campaign, being carried out in the Mediterranean Sea, focuses on the problems of large fishing equipment that is lost or abandoned by fishermen in the sea, damaging the marine ecosystem through the so-called “ghost net” phenomenon, which also constitutes a hazard for vessels.

Every year, over 640,000 tonnes of fishing equipment is discarded in the oceans, and is one of the most significant threats for marine ecosystems. Compared to other forms of human-caused marine waste, ghost nets are the worst hazard for animals, due to the risk of getting caught up in them, and their impact on marine life is four times more probable than all other forms of waste put together. The Ghostnet Campaign aims to protect the Mediterranean waters from this hazard through:

1. The creation of a database of fishing equipment abandoned in the Mediterranean

2. The removal of ghost nets in cooperation with professional scuba divers

3. The recovery and recycling of the ghost nets

4. Dissemination of the data for information and scientific purposes

Once again, Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, supporting the Sea Shepherd’s cause and making available its own resources to create a better future through the conservation of the marine ecosystem.

Find out more at: Ghostnet Campaign.