FAIR VALUES - Non-Profit CBM Italia Christmas Boutique

CBM Italia’s FAIR VALUES CHRISTMAS EDITION has been a resounding success. The initiative promoted by the non-profit organization during Christmas festivities was supported by many companies including Iris Ceramica Group.

FAIR VALUES - Non-Profit CBM Italia Christmas Boutique

The winner of the 2020 edition of the Next Landmark international contest, dedicated to redeveloping the outdoor area of the “Casa Coccapani” nursery school, in the province of Modena (Italy), has been announced.

The jury – comprising Federica Minozzi - CEO of Iris Ceramica Group, Mario Cucinella and Massimo Imparato of SOS - School of Sustainability, Don Antonio Lumare - President of the Coccapani Foundation, Francesco Tosi - Mayor of Fiorano Modenese, and Paolo Schianchi - Professor of Architecture at IUSVE (Salesian University Institute of Venice) – awarded the first prize to the project “Planetary Garden” by Bruna Sigillo.

The jury commented: “Bruna Sigillo’s proposal demonstrates that she has taken on the challenge of preserving the key features of the existing environment in a complete and balanced way by making several subtle changes, while seizing this opportunity to give the outdoor areas of the Coccapani nursery school a new identity.”

“The project will be based on a series of frameworks, each one with a pedagogical purpose, and on a spatial unity that allows children to explore nature, others and themselves. This project offers the young members of the Coccapani community as well as their teachers, staff and families an open program so that they can write their stories and grow together. Conceived in the belief that nature is a driving force for child development, ‘Planetary Garden’ is the proposal that we consider most in line with the goals of the contest which, using accurate metrics, demonstrates its economic, social and environmental sustainability.”

This year, other finalist projects also received special honorable mentions, including: “Educational Garden” by Nina Gogina, “Back to the Roots” by Alberto Ferrara and “Treasure Island” by Carolina Pelosato.
All these proposals have the merit of offering new design ideas for children’s learning areas, placing children and their need to freely explore the environment around them, and to be guided and taught, at the heart of the architectural concept.

But the 2020 edition has more to offer: it is currently in the process of drawing up the executive project and preparing an operational plan for the construction site with the aim of completing the “Planetary Garden” before the start of the new school year.