Corporate Welfare

Iris Ceramica Group has always promoted the dissemination of a strong, ethical culture, which places intellectual, professional and social advancement in respect of human resources at the forefront.


Our endeavor, aimed at creating a balanced, rewarding corporate environment, was also explicitly acknowledged by DGQ, the German Quality Institute which, among 2500 major Italian companies, awarded us first place in the classification BEST JOB 2019 in the field of corporate culture, social and career opportunities.

As a Foundation, we therefore intend to uphold this meticulous attention to welfare, promoting not only activities in the field of education (school, university and lifelong learning), with particular focus on “ceramic know-how”, architecture and design as decisive factors for economic progress, social cohesion and promoting the role of citizens, but also by offering services and benefits to people and families.
A range of measures supporting health and well-being aims to foster a better balance between work and private life, in essence focusing awareness on human resources and the social context of the Group.
Support for expenditure on nursery schools and summer camps, together with primary prevention campaigns to try to prevent the onset of cancer, through lifestyle or environment projects, and secondary prevention campaigns, including cancer screening, aimed at early detection of tumors, or their precursors when no signs are present.