Training Academy

A corporate academy with training courses for in-house staff, aimed at fostering ongoing development of expertise and disseminating corporate culture to promote knowledge and sharing.


Knowledge is an intangible, invaluable resource which today, due to the development of technology, can be circulated, shared and sometimes called into question at a speed unthinkable even just a few years ago.

The contemporary world is a hive of connectivity that involves and brings everyone closer together.
People can now collaborate on joint projects regardless of their geographical location, with a continuous exchange of information and learning.

Internal corporate training programs must conform to this new reality, superseding the rationale of set technical or managerial courses, to promote knowledge sharing. There is no single reference standard that defines the structure and purposes of a corporate Academy.

Iris Ceramica Group Foundation has undertaken a commitment to define and make operational both physical and virtual locations for training events, primarily aimed at a useful exchange of ideas and skills.



While emotion overrides reason, in the case of negotiation we need to manage and prevent emotions from influencing and overwhelming reason.


Positive feelings act as a lubricant for mental efficiency: they help people to better understand information.