Corporate Solidarity

A concrete commitment aimed at engagement and social progress, providing tangible support to worthy institutions and associations active in social, scientific and environmental fields.


At this historical juncture, solidarity must have a global dimension. No longer can it be merely “vertical” with institutions exclusively taking the lead and citizens being the final beneficiaries.
It must also be “horizontal” and fraternal, finding resources in the dynamism of business as well as society. Solidarity is an advanced form of equity that can be achieved by the Company in a multiplicity of forms.
There is solidarity linked to region, which aims to improve the living conditions of a finite community, and wider solidarity which involves assuming responsibility from a global perspective. The Iris Ceramica Group Foundation closely examines all projects which contribute to developing new social awareness and which are able to respond to the demands of an increasingly complex world.


Save the Children - You are not alone

At the height of the social and health crisis, Iris Ceramica Group Foundation is promoting Save the Children’s extraordinary You’re not alone project to support parents and ensure distance learning for the most vulnerable families and combat educational poverty, so no one is left behind.

Sea Shepherd - Operation Siso

Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group supports Operation SISO, since it believes that a sustainable future goes hand in hand with protecting natural and environmental resources, also by preserving the marine ecosystem and by restoring legality and doing justice to the world’s oceans.

ActionAid - We Go2

Fondazione Iris Ceramica Group is working alongside ActionAid to protect women’s rights and all human rights in the belief that education, knowledge and training are the key to fighting gender-based violence and social exclusion and to asserting rights, freedom and independence.

The Nature Conservancy

Through its American subsidiary StonePeak Ceramics, Iris Ceramica Group is supporting The Nature Conservancy. For over 60 years this non-profit organization has campaigned for global conservation of the land and water on which life on our planet depends.

Save the Children

Iris Ceramica Group is supporting Save the Children’s “Light up the Future” campaign, promoting the redevelopment of publicly abandoned places in the most disadvantaged areas of Naples and Palermo.